Alexey Aygi

Alexey Aygi

Alexey Gennadyevich Aigui (Russian: Алексей Геннадьевич Айги; Chuvash: Ahekh Aleksen Gennadievic, Aihi Alexey Gennadievic), born July 11, 1971 in Moscow, is a composer and violinist, conductor of Ensemble 4'33 ". He studied at the Ippolitov-Ivanov School of Music and studied the principles of composition. In 2001 he collaborated with Pierre Bastien and produced the CD La Musique Cyrillique. From Wikipedia (fr), the free encyclopedia
Known For: Sound
Birthday: 1971-07-11
Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR (now Russia)
Also Known As: Alexey Gennadyevich Aigui, Алексей Геннадьевич Айги, Ahekh Aleksen Gennadievic, Aihi Alexey Gennadievic, Aleksei Aigi, Aleksei Aygi, Aleksey Aigi, Aleksey Aygi, Alexei Aigi, Alexei Aygi, Alexey Aigi, Алексей Айги, Aleks Aygi, Alexeï Aïgui, Alexei Aigui

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