A Wobots Christmas 2004

A Wobots Christmas

HD 0 52 minutes
Zak doesn't like Christmas. He doesn't have any friends (thanks to his speech impediment), and every year at the orphanage he works his fingers to the bone making toys for other kids. Nobody has ever given him a Christmas gift, so what is there to be joyful about? An adventure in Scraptown--a junkyard where people dump unwanted robots--leads Zak to find kindred spirits in a group of oddball bots with their own special quirks. While on the run from a wacky scientist bent on taking over the orphanage, Zak and his new friends learn a powerful lesson about how Christmas started with a baby named Jesus--who grew up to save the world. Inspired to embrace their true potential, Zak and the Wobots jump into action to save the holiday!

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